Rich heritage and some of the best athletes in USA

Mt. Eden Vaulting Club is one of the oldest, largest and most successful vaulting clubs in the USA. At our club in Saratoga, you can experience hands-on training with top coaches,  gentle horses and amble facilities. Our competitive teams compete at all levels in the USA, and even at some international competitions.

We date back to the 1960's

Mount Eden Vaulting Club traces back to the mid 1960's, when Jane Garrod and Hope Scherf saw vaulting at Camp Kennolyn in Santa Cruz. They both thought it would be a nice addition to their existing Garrod Ranch activities.  Vaulting was slowly growing in the USA, and in the 1970's San Francisco Bay Area became the heart of vaulting and still is to this day. The Mount Eden Vaulting Club as we know it today, was founded in 1979 at Garrods' Farm - and club members traveled to Europe several times to compete and learn. Garrod Farms and the Mount Eden Vaulting Club hosted the first international vaulting competition in the USA in 1979. The club has a consistent history of excellence and has won numerous medals over the years.


Our Coaches


We have a highly experienced team of coaches, who understand how to bring out the excellence in each member while building a great team spirit.

Our Horses

With the backing of both Garrod Farms and Stables as well as private owners, we are able to offer horses for a gentle introduction to vaulting for the beginner or for elite competition level performance for the advanced.