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Equestrian Vaulting

Welcome to Mt. Eden Vaulting Club - One of the most successful equestrian vaulting clubs in the USA.

Interested in being on a competitive team this season OR just want to get back into a vaulting workout routine?

Send us an email at to sign up!

Congratulations to all the Mt Eden Vaulters on a successful 2017 USEF/AVA National Championships!

Salt Lake City, Utah


B Team Overall Champions - Safari                    C Team Overall Champions - Toy Story 

 Sir James with Olivia Griswold                                       Vivaldi with Laura Yelavich


          Trot Team 3rd Place Overall - Peter Pan                                          Caroline Morse

                         Perch with Ashley Miller                                         Silver Women Overall Champion

                                                                                                 Junior 2* Women Overall Champion

                                                                                                   Grasshopper AF with Samantha Matson

Copper Women's Overall Champion - Maya Drusinsky (Sir James with Olivia Griswold)

Copper Men 3rd Place Overall - Stefano Corno (Vivaldi with Laura Yelavich)

Bronze Women Overall  Reserve Champion - Marie Obeloer (Sir James with Olivia Griswold)